Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The most embarrassing thing to happen to a random person at my door and other stuff that happened today

I will make this short and probably add onto it later, but I have been getting crap from people about not writing (or posting pictures of the child) so I wanted to give a quick update. I have now read 2 articles at about people posting ads on for children and getting into trouble. If you remember back to my Christmas post for 2009 you will see that I did it, but mine was not so blatant as to lead people to believe that I was actually selling a child, but rather it was real satire. In retrospect, I guess is not the place for satire, but I still thought it was funny and anyone that didn't get the joke should be arrested, not the writer.
The problem with these ads is they are too believable, people are talking about a "real child." They are trying to sell a child as a joke. The joke of my post was selling a child as a car. It's a subtle but important difference and I defend it.

(about 6 months later)
Several months ago my doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone and it wasn't Halloween so I was stumped. I opened the door to a handsome teenage boy with flowers in his hand. He was about sixteen and I blurted out the first thought that came to my mind, "Hello?" He asked if Jessica was there and as we both realized what had happened I am sure both of our hearts sank a little. I told him that there was no Jessica that lived here and as he verified the address from a torn piece of paper I wanted to invite him in and tell him that Jessica is just some dumb chick who didn't deserve him anyway. I confirmed again that he had the right address but the wrong house. He stood there for a moment (I am sure, deciding whether to be sad or mad) before about facing and sulking away, letting the bouquet drag like a caveman's club. I was tempted to invite the kid in to play some violent video games or take him to lunch or something because I felt so bad for him, but I let him walk off and thought, "hey I should share this with everyone I know on my blog."
Here's to you, dude who was given the wrong address by a heartless tramp and deserves way better. I hope you find the house you are looking for.