Thursday, September 26, 2013

I have a blog?

What is this thing? Oh yeah! I have a blog. At one time I actually had a few of them. One writing experiment that I was planning never came to fruition because I can never seem to write consistently. I wanted to create a blog of a guy going through the worst divorce and separation from his family. You see him completely unhinge over the course of a month or two. It's still an idea worth pursuing, but I need to write it all and then just push post each day. I would hate to write half of it and then just lose it to time. I have a couple of other ideas kicking around in there somewhere, but we will have to wait and see.

I hope you have all been well.

I am currently on the job hunt and it has never taken me this long to find a job. I have always been very fortunate to obtain jobs very quickly, but now that I am looking to move locations and professions, it might take a bit. I think I am all but done with Insurance, at least in its current form. I would say that I am more done with Arizona than anything else. I have lived here for over a decade and it's time for me to go live somewhere I think is pretty.

Even at 29, I have never moved away from my family and the prospect is intimidating. There was a great tweet from Stephen Colbert this morning, “Scientists now say adolescence lasts until age 25. To which 25-year-olds responded "No it doesn't! GOD! Get out of my room!"

I know I am in Arizona because my family is here and while that is an excellent reason, I know I don't want to live here the rest of my life, so now seems as good a time as any to make take the next step. I know that moving around when I was a kid helped me to understand that it's not a big deal. I think if I hadn't have moved from state to state a couple of times that I would be way too scared to leave. Once you realize that other states and even (to an extent) other countries are largely the same when it comes to your day to day life, moving becomes a much easier prospect. That being said, I have been looking for opportunities in Latin America, but the search has been confounding in some regards and I would need to put an immense amount of research into an international opportunity.

I am not saying that I am back, because that never goes according to plan, but I will say that I know that this exists and I should probably start to respect that.