Monday, May 12, 2014

Dive Kick fan fiction from a 4 year old

Dive Kick said yes he'll never do stuff to us. He'll never kick us in the face. He'll never push us. He said, "No! you can't raise that kick." Dive Kick was saving the school. Dive Kick came to save our school. He came to save our coke; he came to save our life.

The Dive Kick was saving every city, so he kicked every bad guy in the face. The guy with the huge head was the hero and he came to our house and started destroying it and the Dive Kicks came and make him run away. The Dive Kicks said "wow, that was awesome. Wow that Dive Kick was so impressive. I am so smart and again and again forever.

And he said, "yes!" and he kicked people up in the air and he was going somewhere and so I never kicked and rocks and rocks and this trick and Dive Kick was helping us rebuild our house and Spiderman also came and helped us build our house back.
And Dive Kick saved the city.
Thank you Dive Kick.

The End


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