Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Days After a Long Buzz Kill

I will admit that missing that writing job opportunity and a new found addiction to Reddit has kept me away from writing longer than I would have liked, which is a bummer.Happy Days are here again.
Evelyn Bea Lewis joined us in the land of post uterian (spell check wants to say that's not a word, but nuts to spell check) existence. She was born Thursday Sept 8th at 10:29am. She is 20in long weighing a solid 7lbs 12ounces.
Both mother and daughter are doing fine and still recovering at the hospital. She is the spitting image or Abe when he was born (above the belt-line at least), so it could have gone worse. Pia should be home from the hospital on Sunday.
Thank you to all of those who came by, helped us in the pregnancy or just thought about us from time to time. Your thoughts, prayers and hours of service are greatly appreciated and we look forward to returning the favor.

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