Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Burning Horses and Smores

Class today was another epic battle to stay awake.
In addition to charging tuition that assures that only the wealthy or heavily indebted get an education, and book fees that make me want to take a rape shower, ASU also charges a ridiculous amount for parking. I don't know if it's my hatred of the system or just being cheap, but I refuse to pay for parking. I park in the neighborhoods about a mile and a half away from campus. This decision to save money or be a rebel (not sure which) comes at the cost of my having to walk to and from school. Walking wouldn't be so bad, except the picture on the left is a picture of Phoenix during the summer. That's right kids, it's hot..... very hot, and I wear ties. I guess I am to blame as well. I don't own a pair of sandals and only own one pair of shorts, so I am an idiot, but a well dressed idiot.

I get to my car after school drenched in sweat and then get into my 3 billion degree car and think.... "shoot me in the face." After the air conditioning kicks in, life gets better. It is with my thoughts of "it couldn't be hotter than this in hell" that I see a truck pass me with a horse trailer connected to it. I thought to myself about the metal on my seat belt which is searing hot when I get into my vehicle after school. The worse part of the whole thing, is there was actually a horse inside. I entertained the idea that the horse was being cooked in preparation for some hillbilly feast that would take place at the destination. The metal box around the horse reminded me of a tin foil dinner that one makes while camping (food wrapped in tin foil, thrown in the fire to cook).

I tried to convince myself that maybe horses can't feel heat or are less susceptible to it than I am, but then I remembered: The horse is in a damned metal box! The horse was essentially in an oven, cooking away. I can't fathom the temperature inside that oven of a trailer being less one billion, and the horses organs cooking inside the marinade of its own blood.

Now..... I am no animal rights activist, unless I am actively eating them, but the sight of the horse got me thinking. I am sure the horse enjoyed the ride. Animals love rides in cars and the wind rushing over their faces (i.e. dogs hanging out the windows). The horse has to be enjoying the ride and the wind, but at the same time, he is literally being killed.

I began to think of more examples of this same thought of enjoying something that is killing you (I guess some would say cigarettes, but I am referring to immediate death and not a long drawn out process or acquiring something that will kill you, but dying in the same instance.) I thought about flying a lobster around the room like an airplane before I eventually drop it in a pot of boiling water, but then the lobster would not be dying and enjoying itself at the same time. I tried to think of a more human example and thought about someone trapped in a burning house and making smores.
So this was my thought more or less, except the little girl would be roasting that oversized marshmallow over a fire that would also be consuming all of her dolls and eventually herself. (on second thought, maybe I shouldn't have used a picture of a little girl, it makes me seem kind of sick, not that this whole post isn't quite macabre. You can make a more significant message out of this post if you would like, but I was just talking about what I saw. I wasn't trying to make some great message about making lemonade from lemons. So that was my observation for today. Work is going terribly. I couldn't sell a fire extinguisher to the owners of the house above if I paid them (or at least that's the way I have felt the last couple of days). So until tomorrow, I say, go make some smores.

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