Saturday, July 5, 2008


Don't ask me why I am doing this (is this how all blogs start, people somehow feel they have to justify why they are blogging (man this feels like a personal add (I don't know why I am posting, but I can't seem to find a date blah blah blah))) (<--- oh ya... I love parenthesis). I think that I chose to do this, because I don't have much opportunity to write anymore with school and work, so this is a type of writing that I can do at work. I admit, my fingers hitting the keys in a rythem that goes along with my thoughts is rather soothing. So I guess I will introduce myself and then leave it at that for now.

My name is Jordan
favorite color is black (shut up those that would say it's not a color.... have you even thought how miserable your life really is that pointing out that black is not a color is so important to you?)
I work in Insurance, and I am sure that you will be hearing funny stories about that in the future.
I am in my last year in college, studying Spanish, planning on going to Law School
I write and hopefully the blog also becomes a vehicle of sorts for my creative writing.
That's me in a handbasket..... or is it hell in a handbasket and it's me in a nutshell? I really don't know where I am, but this is all.

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