Monday, July 14, 2008

If I were someone else I could finally be happy!

There is no real point to the title of this post, I just wanted to put something ridiculous..... I think I did a good job. So if you were hoping that I would have some self depricating post about how I cut myself and live vicariously through the people that I see on the television, I hate to disappoint you, but I like who I am. I accept that I will not be as cool as the Fonz, and that is ok. (wait, did my blog just "jump the shark?")

Today is just another monday.

I wrote a paper for my spanish class this morning. The teacher wanted 500 words maximum which equates to about a page and a half of typed print. I was about two pages into the introduction of the paper when I realized that I can't write short papers. Everything is in the details. The jokes, the feeling, the (anything worth reading) is in the details. Details are what make papers fun to write for me, so I would rather disobey my teacher and write a better paper that I enjoyed writing, rather than a boring drone of a paper that was excruciating to get through.

The weekend was eventless.

On that note, let me talk about a non-event.

I love drive-throughs and drive-throughs love me. (I refuse to shorten it to Drive-Thru: fast food is trying to make us fat AND (exaggerated) stupid.)

I really appreciate people that make minimum wage. Why? I guess I just feel bad for someone who works harder than me and makes a small fraction of what I make. So when I go through a drive through I will put on an act for the intercom man. When I pull up to that box I turn myself into the happiest, most excited person ever. Let me try to explain by giving you what I remember of my last dialogue with the box: (keep in mind that my voice is so overexaggerated and cartoonish it's ridiculous)

Sonic: Welcome to Happy Hour at Sonic, I will be with you in a one moment

Me: Take your time buddy, I have ALL day.

Sonic: OK, how are you today

Me: I am having the greatest day of my life, thank you, how are you?

Sonic: Pretty good, what can I get for you? (I haven't won him over at this point, but I will)

Me: Dude, it would be awesome if I could get (my order)

Sonic: I am sorry, none of those things are on the happy hour menu

Me: That's okay because those things will make me happy anyway, and I am just happy that you are taking my order.

Sonic: (insert a laugh or long pause because the person doesn't know what to say) ok (repeat order) your total is $$.$$ is there anything else I can get for you.

Me: No, you have done more than enough, thank you so much for taking my order.

Sonic: uh...... you're welcome, pull up to the window

Me: Sweet, I will be right there.

(pull up to the window)

Sonic: Your total is $$.$$

Me: Awesome, thank you so much.

(give the guy my debit card)

Sonic: Thank you...

Me: No dude, thank YOU!, you are doing a great job!

Sonic: (laugh)

So at this point I have a free something or other. The last time I went to Sonic, I got a free shake and the time before that the manager bought my banana split because he said that I made his day. I am happy to be able to do it, because serving impatient (people in the drive-through) fatties (fast food remember) isn't my idea of a great job. If I can give them something to get through the rest of their day of being yelled at for wrong orders and missing spots of vomit and half chewed french fries then I can feel a little bit better about myself.
(weird.... somehow that actually made sense with the title of the post.... not planned so no need to give me credit for that, but odd how that works out.)

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bakingwithplath said...

Being nice to the drive-through (look, I spelled it out!) is a win-win situation. You make their day by being nice, they make your day by giving you free things, everybody wins.