Thursday, July 17, 2008

I hate your blog

Ok, that may have been a small exaggeration. I don't hate your blog, I just think it mind-numbingly boring, but then again, most of your blogs aren't for me, are they?

Let me take a step back.

Yesterday, instead of posting, I spent the day filing through blogs looking for something that I liked or looking for people with the same tastes as me. I tried to look for people with the most obscure similarities like bands that I don't think anyone has heard of or books that no one has read. I found a handful of people that had the same books, movies, or interests, but their blogs were so personal that they really didn't invite an audience that wasn't directly in their inner circle of friends. Let me stop here and say that if I am in your inner circle of friends, I sure as hell better not have to read your blog to know what's going on in your life. If I am really your friend, you and I should probably be talking from time to time, and if your one of those friends with which we don't share personal information, I won't be reading your blog either.

I guess I assumed that my blog was going to be for analyzing crazy ideas and an avenue to be able to rant, rave, analyze, and be creative. I also assumed that most blogs were along my same mindset, but I was incorrect.

Most blogs are like this: here we are at that big thing we talked about and Frankie did that hillarious thing he always does..... it's been so long since I have written, I am sorry, and I promise I will continue to write more later (message from 3 months ago)
(just to note, I don't know these people..... if you type in "happiest family ever" into google, they appear. They seem happy, but happiest family ever? I don't know. I imagined 5 people with mouths wide with smiles and thumbs up, but I guess that is only a personal dreamland)
I hope that this blog is a bit more universal than a personal journal that no one else would understand. I am hoping that people read this and laugh and tell their friends about funny and stupid insights (I have the Fonz's picture on one of the posts for crying out loud). So don't be offended if I hate your blog, it's not that I hate it so much is that I don't understand it. If I don't know you, a minute by minute agenda from your trip to the Great Plains of wheat fields is not the most interesting way for me to get to know you.
(and you probably think that my blog sucks too, so no harm done)

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